Trading provides access to physical metals trading on hundreds of products at the click of a mouse. Clients can view bid/ask pricing and lock in transactions 24 hours a day, 5 days a week from anywhere in the world. Many who utilize the platform are able to reduce risk, increase cash flow and enhance efficiencies. Additional business benefits include:

  • Order tracking
  • Trade history for online and phone orders
  • Shipping management for drop-shipping and fulfillment
  • Target price alerts via email and/or text
  • Customer IRA tracking


Coming soon. Refinery clients will soon be able to access value-added services through FizTrade. We are the only refinery that provides clients with online access so that they know where their lots are at every stage in the process. Clients will be able to:

  • View open lots
  • See assay results
  • Settle in real time 24 hours a day, 5 days a week
  • Trade lot value for physical bullion
  • View historical transactions for refining and trading

Live Spots & Charts

As an international market maker, Dillon Gage provides clients with real-time, reliable spots and charts. This market data can be provided in a variety of ways. From a simple widget for displaying on client websites to sophisticated APIs (application protocol interfaces) for use in trading systems, brokerage platforms and more. When utilizing the API, clients are free to customize exactly how the information is utilized and displayed.

Watch examples for inspiration.

Spots in a Box

Impress your customers and provide information to your employees. This data feed allows you to stream information, live spots and charts as well as select product pricing on your own HDTV screen. With a direct feed from Dillon Gage you are able to customize the message for your audience from the FizTrade dashboard.


Dillon Gage Metals has specialized in physical precious metals trading for 40 years, developing services and techology tailored to the needs of dealers and institutional investors.

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